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Maize Processing

Easily process whole maize kernels
Easily process whole maize kernels
Indian spiced snacks made with expanded friction cooked maize
Indian spiced snacks made with expanded friction cooked maize
Gluten free breadcrumbs made with friction cooked maize
Gluten free breadcrumbs made with friction cooked maize

Maize processing is extremely easy on the ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker, allowing you to create an extensive range of food products. The machine processes the whole maize kernel, reducing preparation time and maintaining maximum nutritional value in the finished product.

Different varieties of maize can be processed on the ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker. Each providing slightly different nutritional makeups and, in the case of blue corn, different colours.

Maize has one of the largest natural expansion rates when friction cooked. This makes it one of the most versatile ingredients in a wide range of friction cooked food products.

Friction Cooked Maize Products

A great base for a variety of expanded, extruded products, maize is also naturally gluten free.

Cereal Products and Snack Foods

Maize is commonly used in corn chips and extruded corn snacks. These are normally cooked in oil, by steam, or both. Using a ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker allows you to create the same consistency and texture as these popular snacks without the need for oil or steam – both of which can reduce the nutritional value of the product.

Also, since the ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker processes all the ingredients together, you get a product that is flavoured throughout and not just coated. The potential flavour combinations are immense and use of natural ingredients allows you to create healthier snack foods. Depending on your requirements these can be organic and/or allergy free.

In addition to wide range of potential snack products, friction cooked maize can be used in breakfast cereals to add colour, crunch and sweetness.

Gluten Free Breadcrumbs and Baking Ingredients

Grinding friction cooked maize creates a delicious golden gluten free breadcrumb that can be used as a substitute for traditional breadcrumbs. As with the snacks, these can be made in a variety of flavours. They are easier to apply as coatings and have a more consistent taste due to the flavour being part of the crumb and not just part of a crumb mix.

The ground maize can also be used as a baking ingredient in recipes – adding a corn flavour and acting as a binding agent.

Mixed Grain Products

Maize can be easily mixed with other grains and legumes, such as chickpea, and then friction cooked to aid expansion of the mixed product.


If you’re interested in maize processing, contact us about how you can utilise a ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker in your food business.