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friction cooking

ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker uses the brand new food processing technology of friction cooking to create a vast range of superior food products.

See ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker in action:

Extremely Fast
  • ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker primarily uses friction to generate the various high temperatures required to cook a wide range of foods
  • Processing time varies but is usually less than 15 seconds according to the ingredients used
  • Possibly the fastest food processing technology available today
  • Loss of nutritional value is minimised by this rapid friction cooking process; as the destruction of sensitive nutrients, such as vitamins and amino acids tends to be a function of temperature, time and other factors such as pressure and shear forces – find out more
Unrefined Ingredients
  • ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker cooks best with whole unrefined raw ingredients
  • This includes raw high fibre grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs and meat
  • When cleaned, raw materials require little preparation before cooking
Tasty Foods
  • The rapid friction cooking process adds no extra steam or water to the food and dries the finished product instantly
  • This means the food is not “washed” through boiling, pressurised steam, or extended periods of high temperature, which may damage nutrients, as in some other common cooking methods
  • There is also no hot drying to further damage the finished product
Long Shelf Life
  • The friction cooking process leaves little moisture in the finished food products
  • Depending on ingredients, this means friction cooked products can have longer shelf lives
  • In some applications friction cooking also minimises damage to antioxidants


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