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Beans Processing

Process a wide variety of beans
Process a wide variety of beans

Beans processing can be done on the ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker to create a wide range of products. The rapid friction cooking process allows you to process beans in 10-15 seconds.

Most types of beans can be processed on the machine, including red beans, kidney beans, black turtle beans and soybeans. Different varieties alter the texture, flavour, colour and nutritional content of the finished product.

Some beans do naturally expand when friction cooked. Most commonly, a grain such as rice is added to increase expansion, if that is desired in the final product.

The addition of grains and other ingredients can create a nutritionally balanced food.

Friction Cooked Bean Products

Due to their naturally high level of protein, folate and iron, beans are a useful ingredient in a wide range of friction cooked foods.

Snack Foods

Beans make highly nutritious snack foods. They can be processed with grains to create an expanded, extruded snack or with other natural ingredients to add colour or flavour.

Depending on the grains and other ingredients used, they also make great gluten free and allergy free snacks.

Bean Dips and Re-Hydratable Products

Friction cooked beans can be ground down to make an instant “just add water” bean dip. The bean dip can be flavoured by processing the beans with other ingredients or by adding the ground ingredients after.

The ground beans can also be used as the base of re-hydratable protein rich products, such as energy drink powders, smoothie and instant soup mixes.

Other Bean Products

Beans can also be added in small quantities to other friction cooked ingredient combinations to add protein and other nutrients or increase the oil content in the food product.


If you’re interested in beans processing, talk to us about how you can utilise a ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker in your food business.