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Alex Feng & Bruce Cliffe
Alex Feng & Bruce Cliffe
Millbank HQ & Research Centre
Millbank HQ & Research Centre

company story

20 years ago we decided there must be a better way to process whole grains for human consumption. A less expensive way. One that didn’t need ingredients to be refined or prepared beforehand and that didn’t need expensive boilers for steam or large complicated machines to cook the grains.

Our new machine had to be simple and affordable, but could create a wide variety of products, and be used almost anywhere.

After 18 years of research and development, 16 prototype versions of the machine and a brand new way of cooking, we developed the ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker Mark 8. This is a truly revolutionary machine that produces superior food products at low cost.

company history

The privately owned Millbank Technology group has been involved in food production since 1981. It has consulted and sold extruders and related equipment into more than 30 countries worldwide, to small and very large companies, governments and universities, from South Africa to South Korea and more.

Historically the group has operated from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, USA, Australia and South Africa. Millbank’s research and development team is based in New Zealand, and today it still remains a private company.

Since 1998 it has focused on the development of the next innovation in food production – ZAPMILL™ Friction Cooker.